Camp Emerald Forest

  Modest Fees for Excellence

We reserve the right to book double Guest Groups.

3 Meals & Overnight $45
5 Meals & Overnight $82
Minimum 20 Sleeping Spaces $900
Nonrefundable Registration Fee (Deposit reduces total fee) $100
Weekday Use w/Meal/Guest $22
Minimum Day Use 20 Guests $440
Complete Linens Supplied $4.50
Pillows Only $1
Children 5-12 Meals half fee
All Ages....... Overnights $20

Note: Take $25 off of your Fee for sending or bringing a New Guest Group of 20 or more.

We'll be happy to send you our Brochure and Registration Form.

Oregon Small Woodlands

Contact us at:
Phone (503) 397-4226